Simple Past

The simple past tense form is the same with all subjects. It is usually formed by adding -ED to the verb. you will find in this page the rules for forming this tense.
The past tense is a verb tense expressing action, activity, state or being in the past.

Usually we form the simple past by using:                 – Subject + Infinitive + ed

There are some irregular cases :

  • we add(d) to  verbs ending by (e) like: live.
  • we double the consonant to some verbs like: trap.
  • we add (ied) to verbs ending by (y) like: cry.

Example 1:                

                              I learned                  We learned
                             You learned             You learned
                            He/She learned      They learned

Some verbs are totally different, they are conjugated differently like TO BE and TO HAVE:

– For the verb “ to have” we say:I/you/we/they/He/She/It had.

– For the verb “To Be” it’s different, we say :

                                                              I was                    We were
                                                             You were              You were
                                                             He/She/It  was         They were

There are some verbs that are conjugated by using :  Subject + Past Particple , we call them Irregular Verbs: Click here to see more informations about these verbs.

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