Add a test

Welcome to this page, here you can create a test that will be added to the website:

Step 1: Test informations.

Before entering the questions/answers, please enter the title and question of your test:

The title:           example: Simple past test…
The question: example: fill in the blanks…

The test will have ten questions. Every question has this form:   Part1  + Part2+ Part3

The whole sentence contains three parts, the part2 is the answer that should be given by the one who is doing the test, it will be hidden in the test!!
Example in a test of simple past: My father and I____(go) to the supermarket. in this example the part2 is went . you replace it by a star * in the first sentence

To add this sentence to the test you enter it like this:

0- Question :
Answer : .

Step 2: Questions/answers. (Please fill all the textboxes)

1- Question :
Answer :

2- Question : 
Answer :  

3- Question : 
Answer :  

4- Question : 
Answer :  

5- Question : 
Answer :  

6- Question : 
Answer :  

7- Question : 
Answer :  

8- Question : 
Answer :  

9- Question : 
Answer :  

10- Question :
Answer :   

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