the quantifiers: A few, few, a little and little

Welcome to this new course, it will be about the quantifiers: A few, few, a little and little

These expressions are used to express the quantity of something. the difference between them is in the way we are expressing the quantity, it may be positive or negative.

  • A few

A few is used when we talk about countable nouns. It describes the quantity in a positive way. Examples:

– We have in our library a few books.
– I have a few friends.

  • A little

A little has the same meaning as A few, but it is used in the case of uncountable nouns.

– I have a little money, I can handle this situation.

  • Few

Few is used to describe the quantity in a negative way:

– Our school is poor, we have few books in it’s library
– Few friends visited me when I was sick.

  • Little

Little is used for uncountable nouns to express a negative idea about quantity:

– Last year, I was in trouble. I had little money.

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