Prepositions of time

Hello everybody
We’ll talk in this course about prepositions of time: At, In and On.

  • At

We use at with times: when we talk about a precise time of the day (three O’clock..) or a part of the day (night..). Examples:

– We are leaving at midnight.
– You should get up at 9 O’Clock.
– I will come at the end of this week.

  • In

We use in when we talk about long time, or a date (month, year, season..). Examples:

– I was born in 1977.
– I was born in july.
– I was born in summer.

  • On

We use on when we talk about a day of the week or a special calendar day. Examples:

– My father’s birthday is on the 20th of june.
– I don’t work on mondays.

There are other prepositions of time like For and Since: Click here for more about them.

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