English prepositions

Prepositions are words that are usually followed by nouns
or pronouns. A noun or pronoun that comes after a preposition is calles the object of the preposition.

Below there are some of the most common prepositions, their meanings and examples on each one of them

1- About
a. On the subject of
This is a story about elephants
b. Approximately
He is about ten years old

2- Above
a. Higher than; over
The plane flew above the clouds

3- Across
a. From one side to the other
We walked across the field
b. On the other side of
There is a store across the street

4- After
a. Later in time
after ten o’clock; after lunch
b. In pursuit of
The dog ran after the cat

5- Against
a. In opposition to
Theft is against the law
b. Touching; supported by
I leaned my bicycle against the wall

6- Along
a. Following the length of
We walked along the road

7- Among
a. Within a group
The money was shared among three people

8- Around
a. Circling something
We walked around the block
b. Surrounding
There is a fence around the garden
c. In different parts of
I looked around the house for the keys
d. Approximately
He is around six feet tall

9- At
a. A specific location
at 23 Chestnut Street; at the park
b. A point in time
at 5 o’clock; at night
c. A condition
at peace; at war; at rest
d. An activity
at work; at school; at play
e. Towards
Look at someone; wave at someone

10- Before
a. Earlier in time
before two o’clock; before Christmas
b. Earlier in a series
S comes before T in the alphabet

11- Behind
a. At the back of
The little girl hid behind her mother.
b. Late
I am behind in my work
c. Cause; origin
Who was behind that idea

12- Below
a. Lower than; under
below freezing; below sea level

13- Beneath
Lower than; below
beneath the earth

14- Beside
Next to; at the side of
I sit beside her in class

15- Besides
Also; as well as
We study other languages besides English

16- Between
a. An intermediate location:
Toronto lies between Montreal and Vancouver.
b. An intermediate time
between Christmas and New Year’s Day
c. Intermediate in a series:
B comes between A and C in the alphabet.
d. Within a group of two:
The money was shared between two people

17- Beyond
a. Farther than
The mountains lie beyond the horizon.
b. Further than; exceeding
That was beyond my expectations.

18- But
I have read all but the last chapter.

19- By
a. Near
a house by the sea
b. Past
He waved as he drove by the house.
c. In units of
cheaper by the dozen; sold by weight
d. Through the means of
travel by plane; written by him

1. Despite 
: inspite of
We walked downtown despite the rain.

2. Down
To a lower position
The ball rolled down the hill.

3. During
Throughout a period
She works during the day.

4. Except
Not including
I have visited everyone except him.

5. For
1 : Duration of time
We walked for two hours.
2: Distance:
I walked for five kilometers.
3: Purpose:
I bought this jacket for you.
4:In favor of:
We are for the proposal.
5: Considering:
The boy is clever for his age.

6. From
1 Place of origin:
We left from Boston; he comes from Mexico
2 Start of a period of time:
from now on; from yesterday until today
3 Cause:
He suffers from nervousness.
4 Source:
I first heard the story from you.

7. In
1 Within a location:
in the room; in London in the building
2 Within a certain time:
I will return in an hour.
3 By means of:
write in pencil; speak in English

8. Inside
They are inside the house.

9. Into
1 To the inside of:
We stepped into the room.
2 Change of condition:
The boy changed into a man.

10. Like
That looks like him.

11. Near
Close to:
near the school; near the ocean

12. Of
the middle of the road ; the sound of music
2: Part of a group:
one of us; a member of the team
3: Measurement:
a cup of milk; two meters of snow

13. Off
1: Not on; away from:
Please keep off the grass.

14. On
1 Touching the surface of:
on the table; on the wall
2: A certain day:
That happened on Sunday, on the 6th of June.
3: A certain street:
on South Street
4: A state or condition:
on strike; on fire; on holiday
5By means of:
shown on television

15. Onto
To a position on:
The child climbed onto the table.

16. Opposite
: Facing:
The library is opposite the fire station.

17. Out of
1: To the outside of:
She went out of the room.
2: From among:
We won two games out of three.
3: Motive:
We spoke to them out of politeness.
4: Beyond:
out of control; out of danger

18. Outside
On the outer side of:
outside the house

19. Over
: 1 Above; higher than:
There are cupboards over the sink.
2: Covering:
We spread an extra blanket over the bed.
3: More than:
It cost over ten dollars; it took over an hour
4: During:
I saw him several times over the past week.

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