Passive voice

The passive voice refers to a sentence in which the subject receives the action. Its form is:

To be Past participle

for example:

Active voice Passive voice
Tom steal the car. The car is stolen by Tom.


There are some changes that we have to do when we form the passive voice, like “Tenses Changes” that we will explain in this table:

Active voice Passive voice
Simple PresentPast Perfect

“Must / Should…”

John write a letter.Marc had visited Manchester.

You must do your homework!

a letter is written by John.Manchester had been visited by Marc.

Your homework must be done. (by you)

NB:  The verb “To be” is always conjugated to the same tense as the verb in the active voice. for example:

Active voice Passive voice
Marc had visitedManchester.The tense is: Past perfect. Manchester had been visited by Marc.The tense is: Past perfect.
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