May & Might

Hello everybody !
In this new course we will study the two forms of the verb ‘May’ (May & Might) and their usage.

– May is used to ask for a permission in a polite way, for example:

  • May I borrow your bicycle?
  • May we go out?

and May can be used in the answer for these questions. example: You may not borrow it!

– May is also used when we talk about something that can happen, examples:

  • it may rain this evening
  • You may come with us.
  • May be you are fine.

Note that: May be = perhaps.

– As for Might, it’s slitely different from May when we are talking about somthing that can happen:

  • it might rain this evening
  • You might come with us

– Might is also used as the past of May:

  • He asked me if he might borrow the bicycle.
  • I have just woke up, my parent might have arrived.

– May have and Might have are used to talk about an event that happened in the past or have just happened right now. (last example)

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