Examples of reported speech

Examples of reported speech

Direct Speech Reported speech
He said:”I am tired”.I said:”I am reading the book”.

You said:”I had already visited London”.

“I am going to travel”said Maria.

We said:”we visited Beijing”

He said that He was tired.I said that I was reading the book.

You said that you had already visited London.

Maria said that she was going to travel

We said that we had visited Beijing.

Modal Verbs

Direct Speech Reported Speech

He said: “I will sleep early”.

I asked: “what shall we eat for dinner?”.

The teacher said to Tony:”you must work hard”.

He said that he would sleep early.

I asked what we should eat for dinner.

The teacher said to Tony that he has to work hard

Expressions of the time

Direct Speech Indirect Speech

I said:”I am 25 last year”.

We said:”we have exam next month”.

You said: “I work here”.

I said that I was 25 the previous year

We said that we had exam the following month.

You said that you worked there


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