the demonstratives: This, that, these and those

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In this course we will study the demonstratives: This, that, these and those.

The demonstratives have the function of showing the position of something according to the speaker.

  • This:

This is singular, and refers to something that is near the speaker.

– This is my house.
– What is this?

  • That:

That is also singular but unlike This, That is refering to something that is far from the speaker.

– Do you see that house? it’s mine.
– is that a bird on the tree?

  • These:

These is the plural of This, it has the same function but for plural noun.

– These boys are my brothers.
– Let me see these books.

  • Those:

Those if the plural of of That, it refers to many things that are far from the speaker.

– Those things on the tree are birds.
– I can see those men coming to us.

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