Comparison with than and as as


in this course we will talk about comparison. in a previous course, we saw the comparatives, now we will see their usage in a sentence to compare two things, people or events.

  • Comparative+than:

We use this case when there is a difference between between the two things we compare, examples:

– I am taller than you
– This lesson is easier than the last one.
– This year’s exam is more difficult than last year’s.

  • As … as:

In the case when there is no difference between the two things we compare, we use the expressions ‘as… as’. Examples:

– The blue car is as expensive as the the red one.
– I am as tall as you.
– This lesson is as easy as the last one.

  • Not as … as:

Another way to express the difference is to use the expression ‘Not as.. as’. Examples:

– This lesson is not as easy as the last one.
– I am not as tall as you.

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