Article zero

Before reading this lesson, it’s advisable to see this one: Articles a/an and the

Article zero: we talk about it when we don’t need to use an article before a noun in a sentence.

I love the cats. Not correct
I love cats. Correct

We don’t use any article in these situations:

1-When we talk about a noun representing a thing in general:

Cats are beautiful.
Love is, all you need.

2-When we talk about something we like, love or hate:

I like Morrocan tea.
I love English.
I hate Spanish.

3-When we speak about meals, places, and proper noun:

I have dinner late last night.
I go to school everyday.
UK is a powerful country.

4- and other situations:

Lord of the rings. Books titles
Terrorist attak in Russia. Headlines
I play football. Sports

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