Definite and indefinite articles a/an,the

In english there are two types of articles, definite articles and indefinite articles:

Indefinite articles are A and AN, we use them when the noun is unknown, when it’s not a specific object.
when the noun begins with a consonant we use a, and an when the noun begins with a vowel (a,e,i,o,u).

I saw a movie last night. movie
The goal is scored by a player from that team. a player
You eat an apple. an apple
I am an English teacher. an English

Definite articles: The is the definite article, we use it when we talk about an object that both the speaker and the listener know. it’s common for all the nouns.

You see the picture on the wall, I bought it yesterday. The wall
The goal is scored by Ronaldo. The goal
The apple is delicious. The apple

In some cases we don’t use any article, we talk about The article zero. for more details see this lesson:Article zero!

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